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Many Hunters Choose Rubber Boots For Hunting

So, when can hunting with rubber hunting boots be the best option? If you are subjected to conditions such as swamps and marshes or if you have to traverse a few creeks on your trek to your hunt, you might be in line for a good pair of rubber hunting boots. One of the good things about rubber hunting boots is they are 100% watertight. They also don’t have any kind of a scent and this can be helpful when it comes to stealth. However, the most important thing is the fact that keeping your feet dry is a good way to avoid ruining your entire hunting vacation.

It is important to really test out your rubber hunting boots. Walk around in them for a while until you get used to them. It is important that they fit well and in order to know whether or not they do, you’ll have to take them around the track a few times. If you feel like there is any kind of small problem in the fit of your boot, just know that that one little problem can turn into a huge problem once you’re out in the field and having to walk on uneven ground and trudge through wet and wild wilderness areas.

Of course, one of the best waterproofing material there is happens to be rubber. That is why rubber is such a great material for hunting boots. Also, rubber boots tend to be a bit lighter than some of their leather and nylon counterparts but this is not always the case.

You will find that all of the higher quality rubber hunting boots have been made from vulcanized rubber. Vulcanizing rubber is a specific process that cures and hardens the rubber by using high heat and adding in some sulfur. While the rubber is going through this chemical process, atomic bridges are linking polymer molecules to each other as well as to the sulfur atoms and this results in creating rubber molecules that are springy but much more durable.

When considering a rubber hunting boot, it is important to pay special attention to the fit around your ankle. If you have a long ways to walk and there is play in the ankle, your legs will become fatigued and you might also develop blisters on your ankles from the play in your boot. It is important to be able to walk as naturally as possible and if your rubber hunting boots do not fit perfectly, your gait will probably compensate for this.

It is recommended to get as close to 2000 grams of insulation as possible. The more insulation you have, the better the quality of the boot. Other items that can indicate a high quality rubber boot are the incorporation of a heel kicker and shovel guard.

Shovel guards are intended to provide extra digging and climbing abilities as well as giving extra protection. They are a strip of rubber that has been bonded right to the bottom arch of the boot. On the other hand, heel kickers extend behind the heel and are made of molded hard rubber. These are used in order to help make it easier to take off your boots. Another thing that can help to get your boots on and off easier is the addition of side gussets or entry zippers.

Overboots Are Another Good Option

If you don’t want to buy rubber hunting boots but you still want some extra protection from the elements, you might want to consider overboots. Boot insulators or overboots are items that you can actually just carry with you until you get to your blind or hunting stand and then you can put them on at that point.

You can buy these in many different forms but some of them can protect you to over a negative hundred degrees Fahrenheit. One of the benefits of using over boots is that you can simply have one pair of favorite hunting boots and then use the insulators and overboots to give you that extra protection that you need.

For the most part, overboots are a good choice when your hunting style is more sedentary. If you need to hike to a place where you are going to then sit, crouch or stand for long periods of time, using an overboot to protect and keep your feet warm can be a good idea.

Remember that hunting is not a sprint. It is more of a marathon. This means that you want to be able to make it through the long haul. The best way to do this is to have the best gear and to make sure that you can be as comfortable as possible over long periods of time. In order to do that, it is imperative that you do not skimp when it comes to purchasing hunting boots.

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