Women’s Justin Camo Pull-On Raya Leather Hunting Boots


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Generally speaking, you would probably expect women’s hunting boots to be pink or girly, right? Well, you certainly wouldn’t think that they would be tough enough to stand up to anything out on the hunt or through the mountains and trails where a woman needs to go in order to hunt. Make no mistake; the Justin women’s camo pull on raya hunting boots are made to get the job done! These are no girlie girl boots! They look tough and they are tough! These boots are ready for you whether you are just heading out to the barn or you are on somewhat of a more dangerous mission such as low hunting at the 7000-foot level.

Having a little extra height and made from durable brown leather, you will enjoy the extra protection that you can get from the elements, or whatever else you encounter while out on the hunt. With the cutaway western style on the vamps, made from long-lasting dense leather, and Real Tree camouflage shafts which will provide the stealth as well as the comfort that can keep you in the game for a longer period of time. These women’s hunting boots feature leather-lined collars, as well as the leather lined finger pulls so that you can conveniently pull these Justin women’s boots on and off every day. There are even little white diamond cutaways on the finger pulls, you know, just because these are, after all, women’s boots.

Some of the leading financial commitments that you might make as a woman hunter is going for the absolute best hunting boots that your dollars can procure. Your overall hunting event could be messed up in the case that your feet become too water-logged as well as frosty. Any type of foot troubles that you experience will end up being a much larger complication the moment you are in the field. If you get a tender spot in the field, it is not realistic to simply quit and take off your boots. There are several kinds of women’s hunting boots for individuals to pick from and a good range of them are really not all that pricey. Nevertheless, it is really well worth the financial investment to pay the cash on a pair of boots that will keep you warm and completely dry and will last you for many seasons.

  • Real Tree Camouflage Uppers
  • J-Flex Comfort System
  • Brown Rubber Outsoles
  • Single Stitch Welt
  • One-Piece Unit Heels
  • Leather Lined Finger Pulls

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